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“Can Spring Be Far Behind?”

A new work for orchestra by André Previn

orchestrated by Greg Anthony Rassen


“The work, about 15 minutes long, is quite a crazy quilt of orchestral writing, demanding virtuosity from the first stands and, frequently, entire sections. A loud, stormy opening for full orchestra leads to a quieter, swirling segment dominated by an ostinato rhythm. Brief solos for trumpet and flute and other woodwinds punctuate fleeting pizzicatos. A full, rich, and romantic melody from massed cellos and double basses stands out. Interesting brief solos for oboe, harp, cello, clarinet, and trumpet follow a dissonant episode. I especially enjoyed some unusual scoring for first-stand pairs of cellos and violas. Other imaginative touches involve mournful horns and percussion, including coconut halves. The music seems to coalesce into a sort of apotheosis near the end. Repeated listening would clarify these impressions and would surely be rewarding.”

— Classical Voice of North Carolina

World Premiere | Saturday, July 23, 2016, 8PM
Guilford College, Dana Auditorium
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The Eastern Festival Orchestra premieres “Can Spring Be Far Behind?” – a new work for orchestra by the acclaimed composer André Previn, winner of four Academy Awards and ten Grammy Awards.

Previn’s professional career has included explorations of jazz, original film scores for “Elmer Gantry” and “Long Day’s Journey into Night,” film adaptations for “Kiss Me Kate,” “Porgy and Bess” and “My Fair Lady,” as well as two operas, the Broadway musical “Coco,” and compositions for voice, solo piano, chamber ensembles, concertos and large orchestral ensembles.

Previn’s work is the fourth composed for world premiere by the Eastern Festival Orchestra as part of the McElveen-Hunter Commissioning Project, a 10-year commitment to the creation of new works by noted composers financed by Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, a former U.S. ambassador to Finland and the founder and CEO of Greensboro’s Pace Communications.

“Can Spring Be Far Behind?” is now published by G. Schirmer. Preview here.